Used purposes in vendorlist 224 (2023-11-16)

This website extracts information from the vendorlist of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework and makes this information human-readable. The goal is to provide Data Protection Agencies, privacy researchers and activists a tool to easily get statistics on purpose declarations by advertisers and their legal basis, and obtain lists of vendor in potentiel violation of the GDPR and other European laws. This website get automatically updated with the latest vendorlist every week.

Click on bars to display vendors!
Click on vendors names to display full information!

Status (2023-12): the TCF has moved to vendor list version 3 and this website has not be adapted to handle them. If you would like this to be implemented, please contact me.

Associated paper: Purposes in IAB Europe's TCF: which legal basis and how are they used by advertisers?
Célestin Matte*, Cristiana Santos*, Nataliia Bielova (*co-first authors)
APF'20 (Annual Privacy Forum)

Author: Célestin Matte
Code: github

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